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Halifax Video Productions | Corporate Videos

Whether you are in Dartmouth or Halifax and are looking to get a corporate video created, then turn to one of the most dedicated and compelling visual content creation companies in Halifax - Proptonics!

Proptonics Video Productions is a locally renowned commercial video production company that creates high quality corporate videos for it's clients in all areas of HRM including Dartmouth, Halifax, Bedford, and Sackville. If your company is looking to grab a larger portion of the market for it's products or services anywhere in the local Halifax area, then this is the way to go. Proptonics is an established video production company in Halifax and has been in business for many years. Whether you are looking to capture a larger audience through the use of

a corporate video or an aerial video, you have come to the right place.

This Halifax video production company has a team of excellent writers, videographers, and producers that can handle any corporate or commercial video, big or small. By using the latest in technology and camera equipment they are able to establish new and exciting markets like drone videos for the real estate market. Aerial videos are all the rage these days in Nova Scotia as video viewers are being entertained like never before.

Regardless of your budget, Proptonics will meet or beat any local video production company. They will create your stunning promotional video on time and on budget.

Post Production Services

We are now living in an era where it seems that cutting edge technology is constantly being changed and refined. Proptonics post-production team of video editors, designers, music composers, and animators will deliver a fully produced promotional corporate video using nothing but the best software in the industry.

Applications like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, 3D Animation, After Effects, and Streaming Video Applications are just a few of the software tools that go into the post production video editing magic at Proptonics.

Video Production For All Markets

Proptonics, probably Halifax's best known video production company, produces high quality promotional videos for all niches/markets in the HRM including videos for PR agencies, transportation, private enterprise, Government, health care, and technology business services like GBS Mobility of Halifax.

Being in the IT, Wireless, and Digital Signage industry, GBS Mobility reached out to find the best and most experienced video productions company in Halifax, and eventually lucked out by working with Proptonics Video Production Services of Halifax.

GBS Wireless Mobility, one of the largest tech support companies in HRM, was looking to promote it's ever growing company of IT professionals and was seeking a corporate video product that would essentially showcase it's services on a much larger scale.

Proptonics went to work and created a commercial web video for GBS Mobility that not only highlighted it's brand, skills, services and overall company profile, but one that showcased and quickly explained to the viewing public how everything is constantly changing with technology and that we need to keep up, or we may be lost in the process. Whether you need a new phone or an accessory, GBS Mobility Services goes beyond it's scope of services by working with each client to ensure that they fully understand the product and that they are there to answer any and questions.

Before Proptonics began shooting the commercial video, it sat down with GBS and listened carefully to what the client wanted. And by doing so, they were able to promote the strengths that GBS offered to it's customers, all in an exciting and stimulating corporate video. Job well done PROPTONICS!

Video Production Services in Halifax

  • Corporate Videos

  • Commercial Videos

  • Aerial Drone Videos

  • Branding Videos

  • Social Media Videos

  • Website Videos

  • Explainer Videos (Whiteboard videos)

  • Product Demo Videos

  • Training & Safety Videos

Social Media Video Production

Proptonics, a full services video production company from Nova Scotia, produces videos for social media marketing that inevitably help with brand awareness, promotional marketing of products and services, as well and producing top notch viral content for the web.

Most marketing campaigns nowadays start off with some sort of video advertising. If done right, the video may go viral. If this is something you may be interested in, then you should sit down and talk with the video professionals at Proptonics.

So remember, if you are looking for a local Halifax video production company that is professional, experienced, and 100% reliable, then reach out to Proptonics Video Services. They provide not only modern and viral video production services but creative post-production solutions as well that will make your video go viral on the web, garnish a larger targeted audience, and build brand awareness and traffic to your website in the process.

Whether you are in need of a promotional video for your next Halifax convention, conference, seminar, speaking engagement, festival, concert, or in need of any other type of video services, then Proptonics can most certainly help.

Large scale corporate meetings are their specialty, so hit them up on the web - or give them a call at 902.209.1347

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