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Drone Aerial Video Service For Real Estate

Proptonics Video Productions in Halifax, Nova Scotia, learned to fly complex and precise aerial drones in the past few years in order to produce some of the most stunning aerial imagery in Eastern Canada. Since, that time they have now become one of the best Drone Aerial Video Services for Real Estate in HRM.

Most of the equipment used in Real Estate Videos are designed to offer the best drone photography in the industry. The drones used by Proptonics can easily fly in high winds up to 35 km/hour and offer smooth flight and stable footage even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Proptonics Aerial Video Service has flown thousands of commercial drone hours since beginning it's done video services a few years back. Whether you are looking to list a property in Peggy's Cove or in the Northend of Halifax, Proptonics have the manpower and equipment necessary to come out to your location and give you the aerial view of your home that will no doubt showcase your property in a whole new light. It is now a proven fact that, through the use of aerial videos, real estate sells up to 80% faster than just viewing pictures of the listing online.

Real Estate Aerial Videos Very Popular in Halifax

The need for unique and captivating imagery, in today's competitive landscape, is very important to real estate companies in Nova Scotia. Buyers want to see an aerial view of their potential new property before buying. They want to learn of the area surrounding their property before making a major decision as putting down roots in Halifax, Sackville, or Bedford, and by taking a stunning aerial video of the property, they are better able to make this important decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

Aerial photography can illustrate in just a few seconds the important factors like proximity to lakes, schools, walking tracks, bus routes, malls, and give you the general feel and layout of an area very quickly. Real Estate Aerial Videos can showcase a property instantly in a way that static images cannot come close to!

Aerial videos have become an important tool for real estate developers and buyers alike in the Maritimes in recent years. They are able to capture each real estate listing and show it to potential buyers. They can now view properties that have water frontage, tree cover, golf courses, as well as other ammenities that you cannot see from the ground. Drone videos now make it much easier for for real estate agents to sell a property according to the needs of their clients. They can take an aerial video and post it to an online website and simple send the video link via email to their clients.

Take A Video Open House Tour

Effective and professional virtual video tours will enhance a real estate listing throught the addition of video, photography, graphics and music.

Get results today! Showcase the uniqueness of your resitential or business property with a open house video tour. Expose your Halifax property to a wider audience. Captivate potential buyers by showing them the best possible view of your ocean front property or city condo through the use of a virtual video tour.

Looking to get a Real Estate Video Tour?

High quality aerial videos have become very popular to all kinds of residential and commercial property developers in Halifax. You will want to hire a leader in real estate aerial photography.

Call PROPTONICS For A Free Aerial Video Quote - 1-902-209-1347

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