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Top Video Production Companies in Halifax

Top video prouction companies in Halifax are making a name for themselves. We are talking professional video services right across Nova Scotia, not just in Halifax.

Video production itself is an art and the amount of technical knowledge needed to complete a corporate video is astounding. While some video production companies in Halifax offer tv commercials and social media video services, there are other elite video production companies that offer premium corporate video services, namely Proptonics Video Productions in Halifax.

The Pictou Lodge

Just a few minutes away from the town of Pictou lies The Pictou Lodge Beach Resort. It is located along the beautiful coastline of Nova Scotia, which is the home of the Ship Hector.

This world class vacation resort features hand built log cottages with executive chalets and private beaches. There are many family recreational activities including kayaking, bonfires, and playgrounds as well as fine dining that the whole family will enjoy. Relax outside on the expansive deck, walk along the sandy beaches, or swim in the warm waters of the Northumberland Shore.

Boasting hospitality services like weddings, staff parties, and corporate luncheons, it is a great retreat whether you are with your family or on a Pictou Lodge business conference. The picturesque Pictou lodge is the perfect location to take pictures or video from the water, land, or air. If you check out a recent aerial video of the Pictou Lodge, you will certainly see it's splendor and will actually want to step right into the video.

The credit for this beautiful corporate aerial video must be given to Proptonics Video Productions of Halifax, NS, who have a team of dedicated professionals that produce affordable video content for corporate, commercial or small business endeavors in Nova Scotia.

Using state-of-the-art video production gear and content driven techniques, they will deliver your message in ways that you have never imagined.

Proptonics Video Production

Phone: (902) 209-1347


Aerial Video Production

If you plan on doing any type of video promotion in Nova Scotia, you will most likely want to start with an aerial video that shows off your products, services, resort, or property. Creating dynamic content for tourism or business is now part of the mainstream as commercial aerial videos have become very popular in brand building efforts.

Whether you are in need of TV Commercial Production or Trade-show Video Services, hiring the most experienced video productions company in Halifax should be your first step.

There is no match for the versatility of drones (remote-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for taking aerial videos or aerial photography.

Your aerial video production team in Halifax will fly the aerial drone high above buildings, waterways, roads, and land structures at varying speeds and altitudes to capture stirring images from every perspective. A professional aerial video company should always work closely with you, the client, to make sure that your vision becomes reality. Check out Halifax Video Productions to get a custom quote on your next commercial aerial video.

Web Video Services

Although technology is ever changing, the core of the work remains the same at Proptonics Video Production Services. The web is now jam packed with mediocre corporate style videos. We suggest that you don't settle for anything but excellence. Look for a company like Proptonics that will meet you in person, storyboard your ideas, plan and produce your video content, whatever its intended purpose.

The Web is growing in leaps and bounds and is quickly becoming a repository of all kinds of video content from personal video testimonials to social media marketing videos to corporate videos. Producing video content for the internet is something Proptonics can help with.

Have your website or blog stand out from the crowd by having a local Halifax video production company bring it to life. More businesses everyday are enlisting the services of a professional web video production company to produce top quality web content on YouTube and Vimeo. This content, once produced, can be shared to a website or social media channel to promote products and services on the web.

People don't want to waste time scrolling through the pages of your website when they can quickly get the message by checking out your corporate video right on your home page, which in effect, portrays the same message.

Call 1.902.209.1347 if you are looking for an excellent video production company in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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