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Social Media Video Production Companies in Halifax

When searching for social media video production companies in Halifax, don't forget to look for a full services video production company that that is not only experienced, but does it all including social media video marketing.

Above all other internet marketing skills that video production professionals need to know when considering brand building, is internet video marketing. Video production pros know that by using videos in social media posts and pages, that visitors will tend to feel as if they know the company on a personal level, more deeply.

Creating a Promo Video for Social Media

Social Media Video Production Halifax

When creating videos for social media there are all types including video testimonials, promo videos, and whiteboard videos to name a few. Each one has a different use for brand building or social media marketing.

Testimonial videos are used by customers who wish to endorse a particular product or company and are considered by search engines as valuable tools for getting a company ranked high on the web.

Promo videos showcase a company's product or services and can often give a walk-through of the company's office or facility floor by floor, or even give a much larger view through the use of an aerial video.

Share Videos on Facebook

Now that you have a few hundred fans on Facebook, why not show them a video of your day to day activities.

People like to feel like they are invested in your company. By showing fans your up close and personal videos of you and your staff at work, they will no doubt buy your products more readily and may even share your company website or social networking page with friends.

Want to go viral on the web? Then this is how it is done!

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard videos are also called explainer videos and are now widely used by major companies as a major form of online video advertising. They get the message out there quickly and easily through the use of an animated storyboard that immediately grabs the watchers attention and holds it until the video have completed.

Then by pairing the video storyboard with sound, the viewer's memory of the content has improved from 10% to roughly 65%.

So you see how the various types of social marketing videos help with social media promotion on the web. They help grab the user's attention, build brand recognition, and increase website traffic. All good in my books!

Video Production In Halifax

For those of you that think videos are only for high end companies, think again. If you haven’t used a whiteboard or social media marketing video for your business yet, what do you have to lose?

Social media marketing videos are becoming very affordable and most local video production companies in Halifax will even come out on site to help with the setup, the script, what clothes to wear, and whether to use a drone video to showcase your facility.

There are Social media videos on Vimeo, YouTube videos, Facebook Videos, Vine Videos, Twitter Videos, Instagram Videos, and lots of other videos on many other well known content hosting platforms on the internet. Videos are one of the best ways to promote a company's product or service in today's competitive marketplace. The best part about a lot of these video platforms is that they are shareable!

Building A Social Media Following

If you want to be successful on the web, you must high a local video production company to help you rank higher on the web. There is much competition in Nova Scotia for businesses of all kinds that partnering with an affordable social media production company is essential to put it mildly. Quality videos will resonate with fans and built trust and integrity for your brand.

Every company who wants to compete in local areas of HRM including Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and Sackville, will require to use of some sort of video marketing firm to gain exposure on the web.

Need a marketing video for Real Estate? Then you have come to the right place. Proptonics Video Production Company of Halifax, NS, specializes in corporate videos, real estate videos, social media marketing videos as well as documentary style videos and trade-show videos. Being one of the top video production companies in Halifax, Proptonics will help you showcase an event by creating an amazing corporate video that will impress any group of shareholders.

Video Marketing

The rise of video marketing on social media now affects your business. The most important strategy in promoting your company these days through content marketing is video.

Again, whether it’s a funny animated video on Facebook, Twitter promo video, Snapchat video testimonial, or YouTube whiteboard video, the best quality content you need to be thinking about besides a high ranking article is a social media marketing video, period.

This sounds over the top, but there are literally millions and billions of videos being watched daily on the web. Videos have now taking branding to a whole new level.

What Is A Social Media Video?

A social media video is a digital video designed to be shared by those watching the video through their social networks. Can you imagine your social video getting shared by thousands of people? Are you prepared for the consequences when it goes viral and you have to deal with hundreds of new visitors to your website, dozens of email requests and phone calls? It happens all the time.

Looking to launch a brand or grow your business through a social media advertising campaign? Then contact a qualified video production company in Halifax.

Proptonics Video Production Services

(Affordable content for corporate, commercial, and small business)

Phone: 902.209.1347

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