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Corporate Videos In Halifax

Corporate video production is very important to brand building and can’t be underestimated when thinking about promoting your company on the web. For most businesses in Halifax, in order to stay ahead of local competition, they need to make engaging marketing efforts including corporate videos.

The Proptonics Video Production team in Halifax have been in the business of marketing, brand building, and creating stunning videos for many years now. They highly recommend hiring a professional corporate video production company in Halifax if you want to make a difference and get noticed for your products/services on the local scene. If you want to target a specific audience then a corporate video is a great place to start.

Grab The User's Attention

When creating a promotional corporate video, you will want to create something that grab's the user's attention, and keeps it! Video production is, hands down, the best way to engage an audience.

It's all about understanding your audience and then producing a strategic piece of content (corporate video) with this in mind. By using creative corporate videos, the audience will react according to the video message and then become compelled to do something. They may want to buy your products, order an aerial video for their new lodge, or purchase property from a local real estate agent. This would all be based on them watching your promotional corporate video.

Promotional Corporate Video

​​By creating a great corporate video, you are in essence showing off your brand, service, or product to new or existing audiences in order to drive sales. After all, you are trying to run a business and sales are the bottom line.

Corporate video production is another form of content marketing that is created for the internet and shared on various social media channels in order to gain client trust and brand awareness on the internet. So your marketing goal here should always be to create interesting and engaging videos that help your audience take action.

If you are a company in need of video production in Halifax to come in and create a series of instructional corporate training videos, then Proptonics Video Production Services would be only too glad to set up a meet to answer any questions you may have.

They have created corporate videos for clients all over Nova Scotia in the past few years, as well as creating other types of promotional videos like real estate videos, aerial videos, conference videos, and drone photography videos.

Video Production Process

Every video campaign is unique at Proptonics. They usually produce a corporate video according to the customer's budget and time constraints, but also like to adhere to a strict video production process.

A) Story Telling: Your target audience needs to connect with the video, so Proptonics tries to create a video that has a simple narrative and does not stray too far from the main video message, beginning to end.

B) Creative Research: Once the team has concluded it's creative research and comes up with a strategic plan, then execution of the content must begin. The main idea is brought to life on the screen and shown to your target audience. Your messaged is received and your brand reinforced.

C) Filming The Video: The Proptonics video producers storyboard and script the entire film using proven video production methods as well as using the best equipment that money can buy. They will come out to any location in Nova Scotia year round to film your corporate video, educational video, or documentary video. They have a full range of video production services, so the best plan would be to ask them what video solutions may best benefit your company.

D) Editing: When all the live action shooting is done, they it's up to the post-production team at Proptonics to make sure that your story and message makes it to the final cut. Whether your final commercial video is stop motion, animation, or live action, it will illustrate your message to the audience in any format your choose including HD format as well as for the web or TV.


Proptonics is a local Halifax Video Production Company that creates inspiring promotion videos that get people watching, sharing and thinking about your brand. Successful corporate videos attract people by offering high quality video content that will not only entertain them but will inspire them to seek out your products or services and share with friends and family within their social networks.

For video production in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville or anywhere else in Nova Scotia, give Proptonics a call to discuss your ideas - 902-209-1347

Find Proptonics on Facebook and LIKE and SHARE their videos, or hit them up for a promotional video or social video production quote!

Phone : +1-902-209-1347

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